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farmOS Beta 4: Openlayers 3

We're pleased to announce the release of farmOS Beta 4!

Openlayers 3

The biggest change in beta4 is the upgrade to Openlayers 3.  Openlayers is the open-source mapping library that farmOS uses to build maps.  It's a huge project in its own right, with a whole team of people working on it, completely independent of farmOS.  The new version of Openlayers brings a lot of benefits, including maps that work a lot better on mobile devices.

farmOS Beta 1

I'm pleased to announce that I just rolled out the first "beta" release of farmOS, the online and open-source farm management system!

What does this mean?

Basically, it means we are one step closer to an official 1.0 release of farmOS.  It also means that things are a lot more stable, and will continue to improve from here on.  There is still a lot to be done before it can do everything we need, but a lot of the core architecture is taking shape.

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