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farmOS Beta 12 Released

Newsletter Issue 14 -  July 25th, 2016

Hello farmOS followers!  farmOS version 1.0-beta12 has been released.  I recorded a YouTube video outlining some of the new features in this release:

You can also read all the details in the official release notes:

It's been a while since the last newsletter, so there a few big updates!

Summary of New Features in Beta 12

  • Input and Harvest log types can be added to any type of asset (ie: Animals), instead of just Plantings
  • Multiple crops per planting
  • Medical logs for animals
  • Lists of an animal's offspring
  • Castrated option for animals
  • New menu item: "People"
  • Configurable sensor alerts
  • Lots of minor improvements, bug fixs, etc

Beekeeping module!

I'm starting a few bee hives this year, so I created a farmOS module for Beekeeping. It does not come packaged with farmOS, but you can download it as an add-on here:

DIY Sensor Integration Tutorial

RJ Steinert, of the Open Pipe Kit project, recorded a video tutorial that covers how to set up a Raspberry Pi to stream temperature sensor data into farmOS.

Watch the video here:

NOFA Summer Conference

If you are in the northeast United States, I will be presenting at the NOFA Summer Conference on Sunday, August 14th, 2016 at 10am. If you are in the area, please attend! If you're not, I will try to record the session and post it online.  More info here:

Drupal 8

I'm gearing up to start the Drupal 8 upgrade initiative:

After spending the second week of May in New Orleans at DrupalCon, I have a renewed interest in porting farmOS from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 as soon as possible.  It is an achievable goal with a little bit of work.  There are a few modules in the Drupal contrib space that farmOS depends upon, including Openlayers, which must be ported first.  But the rest of the farmOS codebase should be relatively easy to upgrade.  I may start working on that in the next few months.

Monthly Calls

We host a monthly farmOS call via Google Hangouts for anyone interested in learning more or getting involved.  The next call will be August 10th, 2016 at 1pm EST / 5pm UTC.

You can join the call via this link:

What's next?

Roadmap for farmOS 1.0 (Drupal 7):

Roadmap for farmOS 2.x (Drupal 8):

Until next time...

Thanks for reading!

-Mike Stenta