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farmOS Beta 10 Released

Newsletter Issue 12 - February 3rd, 2016

Hello farmOS followers!  The new version of farmOS is 1.0-beta10, and includes some nice improvements. The full release notes are available here:

I recorded a YouTube video outlining the changes in this release which you can watch by clicking the image to the right, or going here:

Fresh UI and menu structure

The biggest visual difference in farmOS Beta 10 is with the theme and menu structure.  We switched from using Yeti theme for Bootstrap, to the Paper theme.  It's a little easier on the eyes and the forms work a little better in mobile devices.

I restructured the menu hierarchy so that the three main links at the top are now: Areas, Assets, and Logs. I also reorganized some of the tabs to go along with these changed. In general, it should make the overall structure and hierarchy of farmOS more clear to new users - and make it easier to get to the records you want for old users.


We now have an official documentation site for farmOS at

It covers a lot of the basics, and will hopefully help new farmOS users get up and running quickly.

All of the documentation is written in Markdown and stored in a Github repository:

If you have ideas or improvements you would like to suggest, feel free to add issues to the Github issue queue - or fork the repository, make the changes yourself, and create a pull request!  All help is appreciated!

Monthly Calls

We are rebooting the monthly development calls for 2016.  The next call will be Wednesday, February 10th at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC.

Anyone is welcome to join! You can find the 2016 schedule, and a link to the call at

What's next?

Here is the plan for Beta 11:

farmOS is developed collaboratively. If you have ideas, requests, bug reports, or questions, open a new issue in the queue on

Until next time...

Thanks for reading!

-Mike Stenta