web-based farm management software


Planting kale.My name is Mike Stenta, and I started Farmier in 2012.  Well actually, it started a few years before that...

Back in 2008, I found my way to Dharma Ridge Farm on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State.  During my time there, I worked under Zach and Haley as a farm apprentice: planting, weeding, harvesting, packing CSA boxes, and selling veggies at the farmer's markets.  I also set them up with a website.

In 2009, I came back to the east coast, and began working with Tom and Lois on Snakeroot Organic Farm in Pittsfield, Maine.  Tom and I shared an interest in website development, and we exchanged many ideas.  We both agreed that farmers could benefit a lot from some information-age exposure and organization.

In 2010, Andy Meek and I started Spring Lake Gardens (now Good Bug Gardens), on his property in Sterling, Connecticut.  It began as a 50-member CSA, with a handful of drop points throughout the state.  I put together a website with an administrative interface for managing member signups, drop points, news, photos, recipes, and newsletters.  The farm took off and Andy continues to run it to this day.

I took the core stuff that I built at Spring Lake Gardens, and have expanded it into Farmier. I want to share these tool with other farmers, so we can all grow and evolve together!

-Mike Stenta