farmOS Hosting, Support, and Development


Hi!  My name is Mike Stenta.  I am the lead developer of the open source farmOS project, and the guy behind the scenes here at Farmier.

I started farmOS to help keep myself organized.  It is an online farm management system that provides tools for mapping your farm, managing your assets (plantings, animals, equipment, etc), and keeping detailed records that can help you to understand your operations better.

farmOS is open source, which means anyone can download the code for free, set it up themselves, add features, fix bugs, and contribute their changes back to the project.  It's a piece of software that is owned and managed by the community members who create it.

Farmier is a service that I built for helping people to get up and running with farmOS.  It provides hosting of farmOS sites for people who don't want to manage that part themselves.  It also directly supports the development of farmOS, by allowing me to focus more of my time on the project.

My hope is that over time a community momentum will build, and the project will take on a life of its own - developed and managed by anyone who wants to join the effort.

Signing up for Farmier hosting is a vote for farmOS, and for open source software in general.  Together we can build something great!

-Mike Stenta

For more information on farmOS, visit: